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Yo I literally signed up and within an hour and a half I had a switch. Not a lie. As soon as the notification came up, I clicked the link and it was at my house within two days. Thanks Stockinformer!!!

Vinny G 6/27/2020

Finally got the ring fit adventure! There’s no way I would’ve gotten it if it wasn’t for stockinformer. You all are the best!!!

Peter J 6/29/2020

Thanks to this website, I'm currently playing Animal Crossing on my new Switch that I got for its actual price on Amazon, and I started looking for one to buy only a week ago. Thank you!!!

Ben 6/29/2020

Service worked out flawlessly, I had to act immediately after the email arrived but was able to get the product, I recently read that there are bots making automatic purchases, your product helps everyone have a fair chance - Good job guys!

Rkay 6/30/2020

Thank you so much! This was really helpful in me trying to get a nintendo switch for a good price. I think that without your service I wouldn't have been able to get it and have over paid. Now that your service has gotten me the switch I now no longer need it. Thank you!

Alexia Ortiz 6/30/2020

This service worked as described with a few false positives for Amazon but when the Switch popped up in GameStop, I successfully bought one with no issues at the retail price, not the insanely inflated on some scammers are charging. Thanks! Excellent service!

Kyle Bellamy 7/1/2020

Thank you! You helped me find a Nintendo switch for purchase. I recently received it. I appreciate the service

Abbey 7/1/2020

Your service was effective and I’m happy that I was able to make use of it.

David 7/1/2020

Wow! So glad I found this. I desperately wanted a switch (yikes - so trite) so that my daughter's could play animal crossing together. One of them was already addicted. I was able to get onto GameStop the minute I saw your alert and the unit and games were delivered in 2 days. I'm a VERY happy subscriber.

Monica Hendewerk 7/1/2020

After months of chasing a Switch at list price, I discovered your website and was able to grab one after only two days. The notification that takes you directly to the product page in Amazon was a lifesaver.

Kathy 7/1/2020

Thank you for helping me snag a Nintendo switch!! I have been trying since March! I signed up for your alerts a few days ago and today I have a switch on the way finally for my son! It is a bundle which was fine for us because new to the switch so need some games anyway.

Jamie 7/1/2020

Thank you guys so much! I was just able to order my switch. I have working this summer for college money, and to buy a switch. Now I will be able to have my very own. I could not have done it without this site. A million thanks!

Cody Talbert 7/2/2020

Thank you so much I finally found a switch at regular retail price. I ordered it three days ago and i came today. It was so easy I should have done this a long time ago.

Chandra White 7/2/2020

I was looking for a Nintendo Switch for months and checking the site until I finally signed up for notifications yesterday. Two minutes later the alarm rang and I managed to snag it and bag it at normal price, what luck! I can finally play the Ring Fit Adventure gathering dust in my room -- I'm just ecstatic and wanted to thank you all so much!

Andii 7/3/2020

I was able to buy 1 for myself, and then my friend wanted one after seeing mine, and then another friend wanted one. So I was able to buy it one three separate occasions thanks to this service! And I just recommended it to my Sister-in-law. Thank you!

John Fredrickson 7/5/2020

I’ve purchased two Switches for myself and a family member and I’m not back for a Switch Lite for a family friend’s kid for his Bday. Success is so easy with your site and the money made by the site in return is well deserved!

Richard Small 7/8/2020

Hi! I was recommended to use this site from this video from The Deal Guy. I ordered a Nintendo Switch with the Neon Red and Blue Joy-Cons from Amazon from the notification sent out on 7/7 at 2:59 p.m. PDT (5:59 p.m. ET) and it actually arrived today (7/8)! Great idea of a website that tracks the status of the stock of items like the Switch...that actually works effectively! Thanks very much! Now I just gotta wait for the screen protector and Animal Crossing New Horizons... :D

Dustine Bowker 7/9/2020

Hi! I don’t have a question or anything but I just want to say you guys are awesome! Literally signed up for discord notifications yesterday and ordered a Switch for $300 today. Thank you so much for the super easy to use and awesome thing you guys have here! Keep up the amazing work and thank you again so much!

Julius 7/9/2020

Almost forgot to post this as, I have the product in question ( Nintendo Switch ) for almost two weeks now, but I wanted to thank Stock Informer for their method, site, and the notifications in general. I finally got a switch after three months of looking through conventional means. With this site I only had to try looking for day and I was able to get the switch by constantly staying logged into amazon and quickly acting on the alert. Thanks for everything.

A-Non 7/13/2020

thank you for your site, i have been checking here and there for a switch, i had resigned myself to essentially getting one "off the shelf" one all this craziness had blown over.. with your site, and some fortunately timed restocks, i was able to purchase a switch via amazon yesterday, and its shipped today i could not have done it without this website. Thank you

Andrew 7/13/2020

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