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Perfect! I love it

Frank S 1/22/2014

Very fast compared to other stock websites. Updates are more accurate too. Got my Ps4 in the middle of February in store, there was only one left! Muchas Gracias!!

Kobi 3/5/2014

Amazing!!! It really helped me a lot to buy the gift of my son. Congratulations on the site!

Andrea 3/5/2014

I love this so much. now I get to know right when stores get something I want without having to check every so often. Keep up the good work, and thank you so much for making this. It helps a lot.

Austin West 10/1/2016

Thanks to the email i made it to Gamestop online after searching for so long Thank you!!

Ivan 10/4/2016

Your service is wonderful!! Keep up the good work!!

Erin Gallo 10/27/2016

You guys are the best

Kimberly Jones 10/28/2016

Received an email that they were in Stock from amazon and was able to get one before they all sold out again.

Tara 10/30/2016

My daughter really wants this for xmas and thanks to your website you notified me when it was in stock and I was able to order it and I received it today thank you so much for notifying me so I can get it I will have one happy daughter xmas morning

Jessica Knierim 11/1/2016

Thank you so much! I found your site and thanks only to you, I was able to get my daughter a Hatchimals for Chritmas! I don't know how you do it, but there is no way I ever would have gotten one on my own! I was so excited, I couldn't believe it. Andrea

Andrea 11/11/2016

I was desperate to get a hatchimal for my daughters Santa list. She's very good and doesn't ask for much usually surprises. The first time she does it's a hatchimal and we couldn't find it anywhere. I got the email at 12.32am to say Amazon had them in stock and ordered right away! Thank you so much!

Catherine 11/14/2016

I was finally able to purchase a Hatchimal thanks to your site. Walmart restocked at 3:00 am...on a Monday morning! I never would have known if I had not set the audible alert feature. I'm going to work very tired, but very happy this morning. Thank you so much.

Penny 11/21/2016

No way I would have been able to get a hatchimal if it wasn't for you! At first I was a bit skeptical for a site to offer this for free to the public, thinking there was a catch of some sort but nope! It's all legit and within a week of trying, I was able to snatch one of these from Walmart for only 48 bucks and not have to pay the 'over 1 to 2 hundred dollar price' they are asking on ebay! I have blew your site up on facebook because you have been so helpful! Way to go stockinformer.com!!! Blessings to you in Christ!!!

Tif 11/24/2016

Thank you so much for your alert. I just got the Nintendo Nes Classic Power Bundle at GameStop.com !!!!!

KT 12/14/2016

You guys rock. Cant thank you enough for this email. I got mine after trying since original launch. Happy Holidays !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shah 12/14/2016

Thank you for Pokemon Go Plus alert, we were able to get one!! :-)

Aly 12/20/2016

Because of you i was able to get a nes classis i have been trying for weeks. Thank you so much.

Mist 12/23/2016

Thanks for the email for hatchimals being in stock online. This site is better then the other one, i think.

I Luv Surprises 1/2/2017

Thank you so much for this awesome site. I was able to get my hands on the bundle from GameStop that comes with a lot more than what people are offering the NES classic on amazon and eBay for the same price. Thanks!!!!!👍🏻

Jeremy 1/25/2017

Thank you so much! I just submitted my order and I am hoping everything checks out so that I can receive my NES Classic! Just awesome.

Lamario Stripling 2/7/2017

Thank you so oooo much I was able to purchase my husband his nes classic edition...his going to be so happy this valentine's day...

Cristina Esquivel 2/7/2017

I have purchased a Hatchimal for my granddaughter as a direct result of info provided by stock informer. Thank you for your assistance! Norma Sones Chester, Va.

Norma Sones 2/9/2017

Thank You for your service. I was able to secure myself a Nintendo Classic Mini by setting myself up with email alerts through your website.

Jarrod Roy 2/17/2017

Thanks so much. I've been using your website since the switch came out. I was able to order one of the bundles which was apparently up for like an hr or something. I was able to "pre-order" it, and it's supposed to ship on the 31st. I know if I haven't used stockinformer, that I would still be waiting a while. So thanks!

Hunter 3/25/2017

Thanks for the alerts! Finally got my hands on an NES Classic after many months of searching. Great job!

Superzig 4/5/2017

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