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I found this site by accident and I am pleased with the service you provided. I didn't think I would get a Wii U over the Christmas holidays but due to stock informner I was alerted and was able to order my system. I will surely use this again and recommend to others.

Karen Johnson 11/28/2012

Got the email, went online and ordered the ps4. Worked perfectly. Thanks. Please remove me from these notifications.

Chris Gilbert 11/20/2013

Thanks for your alert regarding the Playstation 4 availability at Best Buy. I was able to purchase it right after receiving your email notice of availability.

Sandra 11/20/2013

Thanks to Your company today on 11-20-13 i received an email from you all saying it was available at bestbuy.com and went and bought one i will receive it before Christmas. thanks

Paul 11/20/2013

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! After wondering whether or not I would even get a PlayStation4 before 2014, I decided to browse the internet for information. After finding your site, signing up, and waiting for three days using audible alerts.. It worked! A direct link to the console on best buys website AS SOON as it was available gave me the edge I needed to secure myself a playstation4. And it honestly would not have been possible without the help of this finely made website. So many thanks to you guys, and have very happy holidays!

Matthew Kronmiller 11/21/2013

Thank you so much. Thanks to your Best Buy ps4 alert that I received yesterday, there will be a ps4 under our Christmas tree this year and a very happy 12 year old!

Shelly T 11/21/2013

Your service is great. Without you guys I would not have known when a Xbox one was available. I got one from the microsoft store. Thanks so much!

Katie Tibbs 11/22/2013

Bought on the first email sent to me you guys are the best

Jim 11/22/2013

You guys are awesome! Loaded my profile to provide email and mobile notifications and audio alerts for PS4 availability. When the 11/20 Best Buy alert sounded I was able to immediately sign on to Best Buy and nab a PS4 before the stock sold out, which was within a few minutes. What a fabulous service you offer. I look forward to using you again for all my needs!!!!!

Donna Lomax 11/29/2013

your service worked great

Craig Sadoski 11/29/2013

Thank you! We were able to order the PS4 because of your notification. Since only Walmart had it on Thanksgiving, and they sold out 2 hours before the sale began, We were really concerned that we would not be able to get one.

Ann Franzen 11/29/2013

Thanks to your service my kids will be getting what they wanted most for Christmas...XBox One! Thank you!

Laura W 11/29/2013

Thank you so much! I got my son a Xbox One in time for his birthday on 12/19 and it was stress free!! This is a great service.

Pam Jobin 12/4/2013

Your service is great it helped me find the elusive PS4 with an alert thank you for your excellent service I will continue yo use it

Dillinge4 12/5/2013

This was very helpful. I'd been searching all the retail stores looking for the PS4. Even though I still stood in line on Black Friday at Best Buy and Target, it was great to hear GameStock had them in stock...So when a local GameStock store opened for Black Friday, I was there in line, which was extremely short due to the cold weather I suppose. I waited in line for only 15 minutes before getting my ticket to purchase the PS4 for my son. He'll be excited at XMas...this was the only thing he wanted. :-) I wish I had not wasted my time at Best Buy and Target. Oh well. I'll use Stock-Informer better next year. :-)

Russ Coble 12/7/2013

I found out about this site on Saturday after I heard my mother couldn't get my little brother a PS4. I tried hitting stores yesterday, and no luck..in fact, I missed one by 5 minutes at a Walmart. Thanks to you guys and your work, Christmas is saved. I got mine at Best Buy today! THANK YOU!

Holly 12/9/2013

I was amazed at how quickly I was advised that Amazon had XBOX One available. You have helped me immensely!!

Cindy Cole 12/9/2013

Freakin amazing! Saw xbox one in stock on amazon and got it within minutes. Youre a life saver!

Robert Murdock 12/9/2013

Your site works awesome. I did receive an email from you people today. And I looked online and I found what I needed. Thanks for your help

Bob 12/9/2013

I received your email notification logged on to amazon and had my son's Christmas "x bone" 4 days alter thanks for the heads up

John Panico 12/13/2013

Fantastic! I got a message that the PS4 was available at Amazon and I ordered it and it should arrive Christmas Eve, thank you so much!

Sandra Orlowski 12/20/2013

You rock!!! My son will be getting a PS4 for Christmas! Thanks so much fir your help in making this happen. He us such a good kid, and I really wanted this wish to come true for him

Amy 12/20/2013

Great site. Helped me get my PS4. Very pleased with the work that you do.

Tyler 12/20/2013

Thanks for helping me find the PS4 console I purchased it from Amazon.com lastnight.. This is a great service and it really help out. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Charmion 12/21/2013

thank you for your service..I was able to get a PS4 from Amazon thanks to you!!!

Stacy Juillerat 12/22/2013

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