PS4 Pre-Christmas Launch at $399.99

Posted Thursday, June 13, 2013 - By Mike Green

PS4 Launch and Price

Sony unveiled the final details of the PlayStation 4 at the recent E3 Expo in Los Angeles and confirmed that the console will definitely be launched before Christmas, however failed to give an exact date.

It will have a list price of $399.99 which is $100 cheaper than it's rival the Xbox One which is launched at around the same time by Microsoft. Sony have also confirmed that the PS4 will not have limitations on pre-owned games meaning users can trade in, lend to friends and do as they wish with the game once purchased which is unlike the Xbox One which has introduced un-popular restrictions on pre-owned discs. Sony also announced with great joy that their console does not to be permanently connected to the internet to work, whereby the Xbox One needs to 'check in' every 24 hours to enable users to continue gaming.

After the E3 presentation, pre-orders of the PlayStation 4 rocketed on websites like Amazon and overtaken the Xbox One as the more popular console of the two. This is still early days in the battle of the next generation consoles however it seems that the PS4 has gained the initiative. have also seemingly sold out of their initial allocation of 'Launch Edition' PlayStation 4 consoles, however pre-orders are still being taken for the 'Standard Edition' with the warning that they cannot guarantee delivery on the release date.

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