Next Generation Consoles break Records

Posted Sunday, June 23, 2013 - By Mike Green

Record Xbox One and PS4 Pre-Orders

The giant internet retailer has announced a new record week with a 4000% increase year-on-year on console sells.

A statement was released which confirmed that the biggest pre-order week was achieved with the launch confirmations of Xbox One and PlayStation 4. An amazing 2,500 consoles a minute were being ordered at one point.

Amazon did not supply any data regarding the actual number of units sold for each console however the Xbox One currently tops the charts following Microsoft's announcement that users are free to trade pre-owned games.

Clearly excitement is growing amongst gamers which have led to this pre-order frenzy with many not wanting to miss out on launch day when stock shortages are inevitable. Both Microsoft and Sony are sure to refine their initial pre-order allocation when manufacturing issues have been sorted and they have a clearer picture of the number of units that can be realistically produced.

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