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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stock Informer?

Stock Informer is a website dedicated to helping you find items that just seem to be out of stock everywhere. We track these items and notify you when stock is found, saving you the stress and hassle. Unlike other copy-cat stock checker websites, We track both online retailer websites and high street shops for stock.

Very often, especially at Christmas, there are must-have gifts which are impossible to find which can cause your stress levels to rise! If you have ever watched the film 'Jingle All the Way' with Arnold Schwarzenegger searching for the elusive "Turbo-Man" toy, this is the scenario we are helping you to avoid!

How will you nofity me when you find stock I want? and which is the best notification method?

Stock Informer can notify you in a number of ways, you can:-

  • Check our website listings periodically to see if stock is available. This method is ok, however if there is a very high demand for an item, stock can sell out very quickly meaning it will be just pot luck whether you view the website at the same time as when stock is available.
  • Choose to receive email alerts. This method is good if you are sat at your computer all day (i.e. at work) and can react quickly to an incoming email. If you pick up your email a day or two after our email was sent, then you are very likely to have missed out on the stock. Available for both online and high street stock alerts. Registration required.
  • Use the Webpage Alerts. The product listings webpage auto refreshes itself every couple of minutes and has two stock alert options :-

    A - Tick the product/s you wish to be alerted for and a message box will appear when new stock is found (all products are selected by default).

    B - "Audible Alerts when New Stock Found" - tick this option to also receive a load audible alarm when stock is found from you computer speakers. Desktop PC required, will not work on a mobile or tablet.
    Highly Recommended. People who use this facility are always the first to know about online stock.

    We also recommend you test the audible alert in your browser first by clicking the 'Test' link. This will open a new screen and attempt to play sound. If you can hear sound, great! If not your browser maybe asking for your permission to play the sound or your browser may not be able to play sound. Unfortunately, Apple block the automatic playing of sound on the iPad and iPhone, sorry but there is nothing we can do about this. Ideally, a desktop PC is best.

    If you work in a quiet office, option A only maybe the best option, otherwise a combination of the two is ideal. Registration not required.

Which is best for you very much depends on your circumstances..

I have received an email saying an item is in stock, but when I visit the website it says it's 'out of stock'. Why is this?

When Stock Informer sends an email it will be correct at time of sending. Emails are not always instantly received. For various reasons you may not read an email until hours or days after it was actually sent, meaning stock has subsequently come and gone. All emails sent from Stock Informer contain a date and time stamp, so you know when it was actually sent.

Stock Informer has detected stock but didn't send any emails or app notifications, why not?

Although our systems can automatically send notifications when stock is found, on occasions we may decide to review each stock detection on a case by case basis before sending notifications . The reason for this is that if a retailer only has a few units of stock available,there is little point in sending thousands of notifications as by the time people receive and read them the stock will be sold out and gone (especially emails). This just wastes everyones time and adds further frustration. People who use the loud audible alerts option will always be the first to know about stock and very often snap up a few units of stock before anyone else.

How I do stop receiving email alerts??

Login to the Stock Informer website and click the My Profile link. Here you can deselect the tick boxes corresponding to the stock alerts you wish to stop (or start).

All stock notification emails also have a unsubscribe link which when clicked will automatically unsubscribe your email address from all further notifications.

Do I have to pay to use Stock Informer?

No, use of the website is completely free (and always will be).

Your not tracking something that I'm looking for and can't find anywhere, why not!?

Maybe because we don't know about it! Please suggest products and we will take a look to see if there is enough demand to set up a tracking webpage.

The 'Refresh Rate' of the desktop webpage stock checker keeps changing, why?

Occasionally we will adjust the refresh rate up or down depending on the amount of traffic the website is receiving. This is to ensure everyone receives a quick and responsive website.

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