Discuss Apple AirPods Pro Stock at Walmart

Discuss Apple AirPods Pro Stock @ Apple AirPods Pro at Walmart


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guest457391 12/20/2019 1:27 PM (ET)

I wonder what API stockInformer uses or how they're doing their scraping.

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guest458101 - 12/20/2019 1:58 PM (ET)

Just got them this time. Hurry! Delivery not until the day AFTER christmas.....but that's not too bad.

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guest457391 - 12/20/2019 6:06 PM (ET)

I give up


guest457391 - 12/20/2019 6:06 PM (ET)

🤣 🤣 🤣


guest458101 12/20/2019 1:26 PM (ET)

I got the alarm and immediately went to Walmart and it was never in stock. I keep refreshing just in case, but they show out of stock and your website still shows in stock for them

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guest457391 - 12/20/2019 1:28 PM (ET)

Same for me, I guess it's just tough luck.


guest457391 12/20/2019 1:25 PM (ET)

This is so unfortunate. Says in stock again, but on the website it's out ;(

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dpnyc 12/18/2019 1:30 PM (ET)

Must have gone quickly - I ordered one this morning and got order confirmation (supposed delivery 12/20). Now shows out of stock ..

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